Intuition Vs Insecurities

By nature, we all have a spirit guide that’s always with us. One that plays a significant role when it comes to making decisions or when life presents us with conflicting situations. Not only that, it knows how to trigger certain feelings of suspicion for instance when a random person walks into our lives or if something unusual happens. However, the question still stands. Is that gut feeling of something not being right always correct or is it just our insecurities playing tricks on us?  

We all respond to messages passed onto us from our inner being differently. Most people immediately kick off intense debates within their heads while others take time to assess the situation at hand. Those that show immense resistance may often possess a big ego that won’t allow to be deflated that easily. It’s quite understandable because following their intuition may make them feel less of a person. But again, things are likely not to end well because most times our instincts are right. 

 On the other hand, our insecurities may trick us into thinking it is our intuition on the move. Each of us has a certain level of self-doubt and tentativeness. Therefore, sometimes people may unintentionally reject opportunities the universe has handed out to them thinking of them as mouse traps.  

For this, it is important to assess the correlation between the advice given to you by your inner being and the situation at hand. One of my favourite motivational speakers Abraham Hicks says that the best way to determine the authenticity of advice that pops up in our heads is by focusing on how it feels. If it feels good, that’s the right direction to go and if it feels awful, stay away from it.